NAV-ED Services Group - Captain (OUPV), Master, Towing, Sail, and License Renewal
KEEP AN EYE ON USCG REGULATORY CHANGES:  A series of changes have been posted recently which may impact on your license.  The latest is available at USCG NMC.
No Ferry to Vieques!
The USCG issued a 'no sail' order to the ferry sailing from Fajardo, Puerto Rico to Vieques, Puerto Rico because of a security lapse.  See NO GO.
Lobby for Harbor Maintenance
Commitments are commitments except when they have to be funded!  See HIT THE TARGET.
Guidance on Mariner Examinations
The approval of new Rules has an impact on the examination process used for licensing.  The USCG issued the following guidance to clarify status for future examinations.  It is important to note the implementation dates!  See MARINER EXAMS.
USCG Publishes a New Handbook of Regulations
A new handbook is available on-line which includes the latest changes to the Inland Rules.  See HANDBOOK.
Failure to Report Convictions
The USCG is concerned that fraudulent applications are being submitted in that applicants are failing to record their complete conviction record.  See VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE.
USCG Finalizes New Inland Rules
The Coast Guard has issued a new set of rules for inland waters.  See INLAND.
Captain License Required!
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